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At Aqua Mirage Club Marrakesh, sustainable development is a concrete and operational subject.

We are committed to addressing daily societal and environmental challenges related to our activity, to create a circle for the benefit of our ‘’ecosystem’’ employees, customers, partners, local communities and the planet, while creating value for our establishment.

We are acting in order to preserve the environment, for example by minimizing our energy and water consumption or by looking for low-energy alternatives before buying or replacing our electrical equipment.

At Aqua Mirage Club Marrakesh, we are also working to develop relationships that benefit all our stakeholders. Therefore we are training our staff and are sensitizing our customers to crack down on child sex tourism, we are supporting the local economy through our purchases and we are communicating our policies to our suppliers to assist them in a progress strategy.

Lastly, we are innovating to create sustainable value. We are supporting new and greener technologies and installation of a biomass-fired boiler for sanitary water and heating of our swimming pool in winter is the perfect proof.

This range of actions and commitments makes it possible to improve impacts of our establishment that reconciles social, societal and environmental responsibility.